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அகராதி.காம் (agaraadhi.com)

What is Agaraadhi.com?

Agaraadhi.com is an online Tamil dictionary project. 

Where was it developed?

Agaraadhi was designed and developed in Anna University > Department ofComputer Science and Engineering > Language Technology Lab

What is special about agaraadhi.com?

Agaraadhi.com has over 2 lakh Tamil root words and is the first online Tamil dictionary to have a built-in morphological analyser. 

How do I type Tamil words?

You can enter Tamil words in one of the three ways

1. Google's API for Tamil Typing.

The word gets converted in Tamil.

2. On screen keyboard

Press the red keyboard button next to the search box

A keyboard layout will appear

You can use your mouse to type Tamil characters

3. Use your own driver/software

You may use murasu/e-kalappai or similar software to input unicode/utf-8 characters

What is Morphological Analyser?

A morphological analyser tries to find the root word from a given word. For instance மரங்களுக்காக will not appear in dictionary as it is. Morphological analyser will split the word into மரம் + கள் + உக்கு + ஆக and search the dictionary for மரம் and also gives the result of analysis along.

Can I search for English words?

Yes. You may switch the radio button to English and search English words. We have less than 2 lakh English words currently along with Tamil meaning.

Can I contribute a word?

Yes. You can use the submit link to contribute a word. Your contribution will be analysed for correctness and will be indexed on approval by our committee. 

What browser do I use?

Recent versions of IE, Safari, Firefox and Chrome have been tested. Any browser that supports Unicode can be used for viewing agaraadhi. 

Can I use Agaraadhi.com on my mobile?

Yes. Agaraadhi.com can be used on mobile phones that have a unicode supporting browser. 

How can I send feedback?

You may send your feedback via email to rctamil@annauniv.edu

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