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Tamil Sneham

Tamil Sneham\'s Community Service

To emphasize the importance of community service as a vehicle to  \"give back to the community\", Tamil Sneham  has formed a pool of  young  students and their parents  who volunteer their time and talent to support local charities in their mission to help the poor and  homeless  in our community.  Our volunteers  work at Metropolitan Ministries of Tampa  regularly on the last Saturday of  every month helping the Charity to sort donated food and clothing as well as helping in their  kitchen.

This project helps fulfill a mission of the organization to make our children aware of the poor and homeless in our community and to help meet their need. They also earn school credits for community service required as part of their academic requirements, not to mention the camaraderie they enjoy with other volunteers with whom they develop friendships.

If you want to be a part of this volunteer team, please write to:tamil.sneham@gmail.com

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