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ஹீலர் பாஸ்கர் (Healer Baskar )

  Cancer   Water குடிநீர் - Healer Baskar
  Part 21 உறக்கம் அல்லது இறை சக்தி நிரப்புதல் அல்லது ஆகாய சிகிச்சை Shy Therapy - Healer Baskar   தைரைடு குணப்படுத்துவது எப்படி Healer Baskar How to cure Thyroid
  ஆழ்ந்த தூக்கம் வேண்டுமா? | How to get deep sleep naturally?   உடலில் வலி வந்தால் என்ன செய்ய வேண்டும்? - ஹீலர் பாஸ்கர்
  தீய பழக்கங்களில் இருந்து விடுபடுவது எப்படி?   பச்சை தண்ணீர், வெந்நீரில் எப்படி குளிக்க வேண்டும்? - ஹீலர் பாஸ்கர்
  குழந்தையின்மை, மாதவிடாய் கோளாறுகள், வெள்ளைப்படுதல் குணமாக - ஹீலர் பாஸ்கர்   மலச்சிக்கலை குணப்படுத்துவது எப்படி?
  தலைவலியை(Headache) குணப்படுத்துவது எப்படி? - ஹீலர் பாஸ்கர்   எளிய முறையில் தொப்பையை குறைப்பது எப்படி? - ஹீலர் பாஸ்கர்
  Can be eat Food Supplimentary?   Fruits & Vegtables can be Eat without Boil?
  Manufacuturing Defect Can be Cured?   Fruits can be eat at the time of Cold Attack?
  Sleep in North head?   Delicious Food Can be eat thirce a day?
  How to decrease Blood Pleasure?   What to do Is a series of Cold?
  Take bath at the time of Fever?   What to do come fits at the time of High fever?
  Decrease the quantity of Food but Weight not decreased?   Heart Attack Patients can be Cured?
  Can Apply oil for Leg pain?   What to do if Fix Eye lens?
  What to do for Back Pain?   What to do for oral ulcer?
  Solution for Acidity Problem?   What to do for Spittle come in Night time?
  Stopped Sugar tablets but Miction & Thirst is Continous. What to do?   Blood stayed in Brain.. Can Medicines stopped?
  What to do for Not formed Breast Feeding?   What to do for repeatedly vomiting & dizziness?
  Apply medicines for Skin diseases?   Can use Sleeping Tablets?
  Solution for Ulcer?   Vaccines - Explanation
  New Hair Formed In Bald?   Drink Milk?
  What to do for not addict in one taste?   Any Categories in Food ?
  In night spinach can eat?   Close Ears in snow?
  How to increase Memories?   Balanced Diet ?
  How to stop Drinking & Smoking?   Any tips to Night Workers?
  Two or Three Tablets Eat same time?   Use Night lamps?
  Take Scans before born the child?   Astrology
  DUVA SLEEP   How do natural family planning?
  Can Sleep in New mattress?   Definition for Acid & Alkali?
  What to do for urinals in bed?   Which Type of Footwear are usable?
  Which type Innerwears can be usable?   Can Use fan during Sleep?
  Can go to the Hosipital?   In any types can be included in Diabetes?
  Can urine suppressed?   Can cure COMA?
  Can Colors Give Healthy Boon?   Can Boil Cow Milk?
  Difference between Herbal Tea and Pure Water?   What do the pancreas produce insulin?
  Anatomic Malay Video Teaser   How to get Strong Body?
  How to inquiry Purest Blood?   Why sleep Defer after eating Food?
  Sleep after eating Lunch?   Any Appropriate methods for Sleeping?
  Husband or Wife, Who is to take care of children?   Yoga or Gym, Which is the Best?
  Walking is Good or Bad?   How to Prepare Natural Food?
  Can Cure diseases through Breath Healing?   Which is the best time to work Yoga and Dhyan?
  Can do Body Massage?   Sleep after bath?
  Cure Side effects?   Solution for Joint Pains?
  What to do for Store is in one side of face?   Can Drink Tea & Coffee?
  Is it true that one should sweat when doing yoga?   Any reasons for indians can use outdoor Toilet?
  Solution for Mouth stink?   Pox vaccination
  Pure Blood And Normal Delivery   What is Procedure for Enima?
  Egg is under the veg or non-veg?   What is Mind
  What is the Difference between Savasanam and Yoganithra?   Sky Therapy
  Air Therapy   Water Therapy
  Can cure Polio?   Earth Therapy
  Why Tongue Bitter at the time of Fever?   Fire Therapy
  Taste Therapy - Salt   Six Taste
  Which is the Pure Oil?   How To Cure Fits?
  Which is the Better Rice?   Can use Body Spray And Deodorent?
  Eat Ice-cream?   How do I fix a lung problem
  Man can save Sperm Energy?   Why are preachers beard?
  When the yoga group performed badness of others affect us   Can not Sex?
  Insurance Policy Good Or Bad?   Pyramid Meditation
  Can do Blood Donate?   Solutions for Eye Problems
  Taste Therapy   Can use Lipstick?
  Astrology cure diseases - Can not believe it\'s true.   Menstruation, yet the solution to many diseases
  What are the uses in the face of Turmeric?   Solution for Hair Problems
  Is it good to use Organic Products?   Difference between Hungry and Fasting
  Can eat in Empty Stomach?   Dreams Good or Bad
  Watching T.V. with the Light off?   Paati Vaithiyam - Ginjee Patti
  Can Drink Sea Water?   Any Side Effects in cell Phone Radiation?
  What to do for the Fair Face?   How to Drink Water?
  Wood stove or Gas stove Which is the Best for Cooking?   Which is the Best to eat Hot Food or Cold Food?
  Why pain in Eye When doing work in Computer?   Why don\'t Thirst when drinking Tea or Coffee?
  How to Muthra give result?   Can use Ice-cubes for Body pain?
  Which Company Gooseberry is Best?   Can eat Aleo vera?
  Which is the Pure Honey?   Can eat Fruits after eating?
  What to do for hungry when Working?   Sleep after Eating?
  What to do for Bad Habits?   Which Meditation is Best?
  Healer Baskar - Tv Interview - Sakthi Tv   nammazvar about healer baskar
  Healer Baskar Question & Answer -1   ANATOMIC THERAPY- Part 4C
  ANATOMIC THERAPY-Part 1   Anatomic Therapy Introduction

உடல்நலம்-மருத்துவம் (Health & Medicine)

சாவித்திரி கண்ணன்  சாவித்திரி கண்ணன் (4)
அறிவியல் சித்தர் Dr. கோ.அன்புகணபதி  அறிவியல் சித்தர் Dr. கோ.அன்புகணபதி (88)
இயற்கை மருத்துவம் (Naturopathy)  இயற்கை மருத்துவம் (Naturopathy) (14)
சித்தமருத்துவர் செல்வ சண்முகம்  சித்தமருத்துவர் செல்வ சண்முகம் (16)
ஹீலர் ரங்கராஜ் (Healer Rangaraj)  ஹீலர் ரங்கராஜ் (Healer Rangaraj) (17)
ஹீலர் பாஸ்கர் (Healer Baskar )  ஹீலர் பாஸ்கர் (Healer Baskar ) (158)


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