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 முதல் பக்கம் முதல் பக்கம்   INDIA Govt. WEBSITE
Website Name magasool.org
URL magasool.org
Website Type WEBSITE
Owner Jayaram Venkatesan – Founder and Director, Magasool
Owner Contact Number jramvnkt@gmail.com
Owner Email ID jramvnkt@gmail.com
About Website
Magasool (meaning ‘Yield’ in Tamil) is a not for profit initiative to improve the lives of small and marginal farmers in Tamil Nadu. Magasool mainly focuses on providing specialized agriculture inputs to small and marginal farmers that would either improve their agricultural yield or decrease their input cost. The services offered are first tested in an experimental farm and then taken to a few farmers as a pilot. Once there is significant impact demonstrated over conventional methods, the service is taken to a large number of small and marginal farmers. Our first program Modified System of Rice Intensification has brought about an yield increase of 10 to 20 % for farmers and a net income increase of Rs 2500 to Rs 5000 per acre. So far we have reached 150 acres and 70 farmers in Trichy, Tiruvannamalai and Cuddalore districts. The program is currently being scaled up to 500 farmers in the coming year in 6 districts of Tamil Nadu - Trichy, Tanjore, Cuddalore, Tiruvannamalai, Krishnagiri and Kanchipuram districts. Magasool’s vermicomposting unit at Kanchipuram started in April 2013 with a capacity to produce 60 tons of vermicompost every year. The compost will serve around 150 farmers in the area every year. Magasool has also started experiments for adjusting pH and for allowing deeper root growth for vegetables.

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கணித்தமிழ் மாநாடு 2024 கணித்தமிழ் மாநாடு 2024
இசைஅமைப்பாளர் ஜேம்ஸ் வசந்தன் வழங்கும் இசைஅமைப்பாளர் ஜேம்ஸ் வசந்தன் வழங்கும் "தமிழ் ஓசை"
குறும்படத்திற்கான சிறுகதைப்  போட்டி முடிவுகள் குறும்படத்திற்கான சிறுகதைப் போட்டி முடிவுகள்
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நாணய மாற்றம் நாணய மாற்றம் உலக நேரம் உலக நேரம்
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